Shirley Friedl

Shirley Friedl

Shirley Friedl continues to serve in this ministry that she and her husband, Bob, co-founded in 1980. Both of them had accepted Jesus as their Savior when they were children and grew in their desire to serve the Lord. Having felt God’s call on his life, Bob left the commercial art field in Chicago, moved his family to Michigan in 1972 and became a part of Rural Bible Mission (now known as RBM Ministries). They trained under the leadership of RBM Ministries for eight years before beginning the ministry of God’s Helping Hands. Using their unique talents of chalk art, storytelling and puppetry, Bob and Shirley traveled for many years to present the Gospel in churches, camps, Christian schools, nursing homes and a variety of other venues.

Bob was the president and visionary of GHH until his homegoing in 2016. Shirley is in charge of the discipleship club and enjoys communicating with her students. 

Jeff & Robin Awe

Jeff & Robin Awe

Jeff & Robin Awe began serving with God's Helping Hands in 1986 alongside Robin's parents, Bob and Shirley Friedl. Jeff is the president of GHH and oversees all management and director duties. He spends many hours building sets, creating props and troubleshooting building projects.


Robin is the Office Manager and handles many of the office financials and logistical duties during the Summer when the team is on the road. She also spends countless hours as a wife to Jeff, a mother to all seven of her children and teacher to their youngest son, Jordan. 

Knobloch Family

Chris & Ambr Knobloch

Chris is the vice-president, director, and scriptwriter for all GHH original material. He oversees many of the creative components of the yearly live program series which includes scriptwriting, orchestration, film production and directing as well as many in-office coordinating duties.

Amber is our main puppet designer. She spends countless hours building and reconstructing puppets for each year of our live programs and for all of our multimedia. Amber has spent a lot of time learning her craft while finding new ways to make each character vibrantly come to life. Ambers’ most important job is raising her and Chris’ four girls, Kylie, Elliana, Gwen and Claire who spend a lot of time in the office and on the road learning alongside their parents and friends.

Juliana Carlson

Juli Carlson

Juliana Carlson is a key part of our team here at GHH. As the ministry's business manager, she coordinates and maintains financial and office duties. Juliana wears many hats in and out of the office as she applies her many creative and analytical skills. Some of her weekly duties include bill paying, tracking financials, scheduling with churches and organizations, answering phone calls, coordinating posters, newsletters, mailings and curriculum and keeping everyone on track.   

Nicole Bielawski

Nicole Biewlaski

Nicole applies her artistic talents as our visual designer. Nicole designs and paints all the stunning scenic pieces for live programs, multimedia films and many other applications. She also oversees the design and production of the props which further bring our presentations to life.

Katie Stowe


Katie is our Technical & Communications Coordinator. She organizes and maintains many technical aspects of GHH while bringing an artistic flair to everything she does. Katie spends her time bridging the gap between technology and communicating the gospel by preparing the team's technology for the road, keeping in-office computers running and building and maintaining the website!


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