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God’s Helping Hands, Inc., is a nonprofit organization located in West Michigan that shares the gospel of Jesus Christ to children and their families in the United States. GHH comes alongside churches, camps and communities giving exciting and Biblically-sound live presentations utilizing professional full-stage puppetry, ventriloquism and storytelling. The GHH product line, Simple Lesson Solutions, provides teaching materials for classrooms. GHH also maintains an online presence through weekly audio podcasts for kids and short films featuring the God’s Helping Hands characters.  


The God’s Helping Hands staff are all missionaries financially supported by individual donors and churches. The staff pour their creativity and love for Christ into each presentation with attention to detail, faithfulness to God’s Word, and love for children.  


Purpose Statement: 


God’s Helping Hands endeavors to glorify God by teaching children and adults about salvation through Jesus Christ and by discipling them in their walk with Him. 

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