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 ​We are so deeply grateful for the support you give to GHH through your prayers and financial contributions. We want you to know that YOU are on our hearts, and we love hearing from you wether through the mail or digitally through our website forms and emails.

As you may know, the God’s Helping Hands staff prays regularly for you and all those on our mailing list. For some time, we have sent dozens of postcards every week to let folks know when they had been prayed for.


With the dramatic increase in postage costs, we feel it is a better stewardship of funds if we stop constantly sending out so much mail. But please know that we are continuing in prayer! In fact, we are making it even easier for you to share with us your prayer requests so that we can pray more specifically. 

Below is a form you can fill out to share your specific prayer requests. We will see these and add them to our weekly prayers for you. 

Share your prayer request here:

Thanks for submitting!

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